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  • Internal release agent G-176



      Field of application:

      Introduction:G-176 is a very efficient internal release agent with lubricant properties, formulated for phenolic- resins.

      G-176 is free of silicones. Due to its chemical consistency G-176 allows for post- treatment after release such as painting or foaming on top of the created surface without any additional treatment such as sanding.

      Application and dosage:

      G-176  is a ready to use formulation and is added directly to the phenolic resin. To achieve the good results, a careful admixing is imperative.

      The exact dosage level of G-176 depends on the existing processing conditions and has to be evaluated by the customer. Normally the dosage  (based on phenolic- resin solids) varies between 0,5 and 1,0 wt-%.

      Handlig and storage:

      The usual care by handling chemicals must be noticed. Keep container tightly sealed and store at room temperature. If stored at ambient temperatures this product has a shelf life of 12 months.

      Safety advices:

      Prevent the product to reach the environment. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet for additional safety and handling information.

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