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  • Durakote RST-5



      Field of application:

      Introduction:Thanks to RST-5 you no longer have to use volatile solvents to clean your hands and tools.
      It removes resin, ink, grease, sealant, glue and some paints without endangering your
      health or safety.

      It helps to:

       ●   Reduce your fire risk

      ● Improve the health and safety condition

      ● Lower emissions

      ● Solid waste can be separated

      ● Reduce cost

      RST-5 is supplied as a concentrated cleaner that should be mixed at ratio of 20 liters of

      Water to on liter of RST-5.It is supplied in handy 5 liters containers that will allow you to

      Mix 100 liter of cleaner, considerably reducing shipping and storage cost.

      The best cleaning results are achieved at temperatures above 40℃, and it is good to use a brush or scrub board, in order to speed up the washing. We offer cleaning stations suitable

      For a range of small and very large lay-up shops.

      RST-5 is not a solvent, it will disperse the resin into small particles that sink to the bottom

      of the cleaning station. There it is collected in a sludge-tray that can be floated to the

      surface where the resin can be removed. It can then be dried which reduces the amount of

      waste considerably.

      RST-5 does not evaporate, only the water does. This reduces the cost of cleaning even

      Further compared to using solvents where losses to evaporation sometimes pass the 35%

      Mark. Since it dose not burn, several of our customers have received a reduction in their

      Insurance cost.

      Many of the large FRP manufactures have now tested RST-5 and made the decision to

      Switch to this friendly cleaner. Some of those have been using it for over three years

      Reducing their solvent intake by 90%

      Since RST-5 is a very powerful degreaser, we have modified it to impregnate cleaning

      Wipes, the cleaning action is quite astonishing. You can use them to clean your hands,

      Tools or parts you are working on, removing resins, adhesives, sealant, ink, oil, grease and other

      Compounds that only aggressive solvents can handle. Try sicaflex or instance!!!

      They are supplied in handy buckets containing 150 wipes.

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