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  • Durakote PMC-600



      Field of application:

      Introduction:Durakote PMC-600 is blend of organic solvents designed to remove dirt, grease and contaminants form a mould surface. Duraktoe PMC-600 is particularly efficient at removing silicone, wax or other types of build-up on the mould. Durakote PMC-600 is designed not to soften or dull mould materials (such as GRP). Consequently, Durakote PMC-600 can be used on any metallic or thermoset moulds. Durakote PMC-600 should be used immediately prior to the application of Durakote Sealer or Release Agents.

      Product Benefits

      Physical Properties

      Efficient cleaner

      Medium dry time

      Non-chlorinated solvents

      Versatile, can be used on all mould surfaces


      Appearance           - Clear, colourless liquid

      Odour               - Ketone/Hydrocarbon

      Specific Gravity        - 0.848 g/cc

      Flash Point            -<10

      Shelf Life              - Three years

      Storage              - Flammable store(see MSDS)


      Mould cleaning must be performed in a well-ventilated area. Solvent resistant gloves and eye protection must be worn during this process.



      Please read Safety Data Sheet before use.

      Heavy build-up and resin deposits may be removed by an abrasive medium. e.g. polishing compound or even shot blasting, prior to using the Durakote PMC-600. If necessary, polish mould to desired level of gloss prior to using the Durakote PMC-600.


      1.Generously apply the Durakote PMC-600 to clean, dry cotton cloth.

      2.Wipe over mould surface covering an area of approximately  0.5 m2

      3.With a second dry cloth, wipe off the wet film. Do not allow the wet film to dry before wiping off as this will simply re-deposit contaminants picked -up by the solvent. Continue wiping until the mould surface is dry.

      4.Repeat steps 1-3 on the adjacent area. Ensure a good overlap with the previous area to ensure the entire mould surface is


      5.If either cloth becomes dirty, or if the second cloth becomes wet, replace with a fresh clean cloth and repeat step 1-4.

      6.Frequently re-apply Durakote PMC-600 to the wet cloth.

      7.Repeat until mould is completely cleaned.

      Test for cleanliness:

       Visually inspect the mould for signs of dirt or streaks. if necessary, repeat cleaning procedure in that area. To test the

       cleanliness of the surface , apply a standard pressure sensitive tape(e.g. masking tape) to the mould surface. When the tape

      is removed from the surface ,stiff resistance should be observed. If the t ape fails to stick firmly, repeat cleaning procedure.    


      If polishing a GRP mould, it is recommended that a non-wax containing polishing be used. If a polish containing a wax is used,

      the wax produces an artificial gloss that will be removed by the Durakote PMC-600 hence dulling the finish.

      Please contact us for further product and application information.

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